Bioenergetics Quiz

Bioenergetics Quiz
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Bioenergetics Quiz

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The light reaction takes place on/in

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Which is the correct order of energy transfer from accessory pigments to the main photosynthetic pigment

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Which of the following pigment is Blue- green in color

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The molecular formula of chlorophyll ‘a’ molecule is

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Which of the following statement about the head of a chlorophyll molecule is incorrect

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Van Neil hypothesis about the production of oxygen during photosynthesis was based on the study and investigations on

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The visible light used in photosynthesis ranges from

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Which of the following light is least absorbed by the plants

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Which of the light is mainly absorbed by the plants

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Chlorophyll is insoluble in

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The quantitative study of energy relationships in biological systems obeys

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The organisms able to use sunlight directly as a source of energy are

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Of the following which one is not an energy releasing process

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The point at which there is no net exchange of gases between leaves and atmosphere is known as

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Net yield of H2O in Photosynthesis is

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Which of the following is a chemical link between catabolism and anabolism

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Photosynthesis is a process in which ________ compounds of carbon (CO2) and hydrogen (H2O) are reduced to carbohydrate like (glucose) using light energy.

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C6H12O6 + 6O2? 6CO2 + 6H20 + ENERGY represents.

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At which times there is no net gaseous exchange between leaves and the atmosphere.

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Which of the following is a compensation point

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