Carboxylic Acid MDCAT MCQ’s Test

Carboxylic Acid Quiz 1

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Carboxylic Acid MDCAT MCQ’s Test

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Carboxylic Acids Quiz 1

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For producing a carboxylic acid derivative. The addition of a nucleophile to carboxyl group is always following by displacement of

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Which statement is incorrect about the formation of an ester

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Carboxylic acid reacts with ammonia to form which salt

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Which ester is used as an orange flavor

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Esters are

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Here the strongest acid is

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Which one is formed by the hydrolysis of acid amide

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The solubility of carboxylic acid in water gradually decreases with

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The work of concentrated H2SO4in esterification process is as

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Which of the following formula is more reactive for hydrolysis

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