Dawn Of Modern Physics Quiz 2

Dawn Of Modern Physics Quiz 2

It consists of Newton’s laws of motion and other laws dealing at macroscopic level. It deals at ordinary everyday life. It is a discipline of laws of physics that deals at microscopic level as well as macro levels if car is consider as special case.

Dawn Of Modern Physics Quiz 2

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Dawn Of Modren Physics Quiz 2

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Ethylene is oxidized to acetaldehyde on a commercial scale by the use of the catalyst which is

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The momentum of a photon is 3.3x10^-29 kgm/sec. Its frequency will be

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The speed of photon

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The maximum energy of the electrons released in a photo cell is independent of

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The velocity of a particle of mass m of de-Broglie wavelength λ is

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The resolution of 50KV electron microscope is

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Wave is associated with matter

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As the intensity of incident light increases

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The length of meter rod moving with velocity equal to 3x108ms-1 appears to an observer at rest as

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The frequency of light beam A is twice that of light beam B. The ration EA/EB of photon energies is

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