Life Processes(Nutrition) Quiz

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Life Processes in animals and plants (Nutrition)

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The fungal associations with roots of higher plants help in ______ uptake by the plants.

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The movement of water molecules from region of higher concentration to region of lower concentration through a partially permeable membrane is called:

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The shrinkage of protoplast due to exosmosis of water is called:

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In humans, in addition to blood circulatory system, there is another transport system, the?

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The circulatory system of humans have:

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The blood is passed on to right ventricle through?

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The contraction of circular muscles of arteries and arterioles is under the control of:

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Blood vessels with walls that are only one cell thick are called:

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The system that is responsible for transport and returning of materials from tissues of body to blood is called:

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The method of passive immunization is used to combat active infections of ?

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The right atrium receives  ___blood through ___

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The valve between right atrium and  right ventricle is:

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The relaxed phase of heart is called:

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The cardiac cycle lasts for?

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The flow of lymph is controlled by:

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Lymph nodes are not present in:

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_____ do not have elastic fibers.

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Blood pressure increases due to increase in

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Life Processes quiz

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