Nervous System MDCAT MCQ’s

Nervous System Quiz

Without wasting your time, we are providing you the MDCAT Biology, Nervous System MDCAT MCQ’s Online with Answers here. If you are curious about where to prepare for the entry test, we are giving you the important questions so that you can start your entry test preparations.

It is the fact that taking admission to medical college is very difficult nowadays because of high merit but students, if you have studied very hard and got good marks in the FSC, then the only obstacle left is this entry test.

Sometimes, if a student has very good marks in Inter can’t get good marks in the entry test, then his/her probability of admission becomes very low. This chapter is about Nervous System. In the human body, the nervous system plays an important role. There is a complete network of nerves that carries messages sent from the brain to the whole body to regulate other body parts. So, check out the important MCQs of this chapter on this page below.

Nervous System MDCAT MCQ’s

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Nervous System Quiz

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Hypothalamus sends it hormones to posterior pituitary through

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Chronic gonadotropic hormone is secreted by

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How many sensations are detected by skin?

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Corpus luteum produces

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Pick the steroid hormone

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A structure that does not contain cartilage

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Smooth muscles are present in all except

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Outermost covering of brain

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The groups of ribosomes associated with RER in a neuron

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Stimulus of touch, pain, cold and heat are recognized differently because

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It is not part of limbic system in brain

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Part of motor neuron which makes synapse with sarcolemma is

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The crucial relay center among the senses, the limbic system, and the cerebral cortex

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The receptors in the hypothalamus are

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Motor neurons carry-message from associative neurons to

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