Plant Hormones MCQ’s for MDCAT (Part 1)

Plant Hormones MCQ's for MDCAT

Plant Hormones MCQ’s for MDCAT has been uploaded

Plant hormones exam questions are really important for mdcat, as its an important chapter and examiners like picking questions from this chapter. mcqs on cytokinin, mcqs on abscisic acid, mcqs on gibberellins are present.

Some Important Concepts of Plant Hormones for MDCAT

  • Deficiency in which of the following hormone causes dwarfism in the plant?

Gibberellic acid (GA), auxin and brassinosteroid (BR) are three important hormones well known to control plant growth and development18,19,20. The expression change of key genes in these hormone regulation pathways could also lead plant dwarfism.

  • Which of the following plant hormone is responsible for seed germination?

The plant hormone gibberellins are necessary for seed germi- nation. The Signaling pathways of hormone can stimulate seed germination through the release of coat dormancy, “weakening of endosperm”, and “expansion of embryo cell”

  • Which plant hormone is helpful in making rna and protein?

Cytokinins: It naturally works in coordination with auxins. It is helpful in making RNA and Protein.

  • Plant hormones and their role in plant growth and development?

Plant hormones are regulators of almost all aspects of plant development and plant responses to their environment. Active at very low concentrations, with tight spatial regulation of synthesis and response, many plant hormones have key roles in the interactions between plants and beneficial microbes.

Plant Hormones MCQ’s for MDCAT

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Plant Hormones Quiz 1

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The only naturally occurring auxin is

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2,4-D  kills  broaad  leaved

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Which of the folllowing is used in brewing industry to stimulate alpha amylase production in barley and also promotes malting

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Which of the following hormone is used to break the dormancy of seed

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Auxins promote growth of roots from

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NAA is

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The plant hormone which promote bolting of some rosette plant is

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The hormone which delays senescence in cabbage and lettuce is

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