Solids And Liquids Quiz

Solids And Liquids Quiz
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Solids And Liquids Quiz

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Which of the following has strongest intermolecular forces of attraction?

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Which has the strongest bonding in the solid state?

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When substance moves from a solid to a liquid state all of the following changes occur except

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When the atoms of the third layer are arranged in such a way that they directly lie above the atoms of the first layer then this arrangement is called

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In order to mention the boiling point of water at 110?C the external pressure should be

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Which one is false for evaporation?

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Vapour pressure of water at 100 degrees C is

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Which one of the following does not show hydrogen bonding?

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Liquid crystal is discovered by

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Which one is a conductor but is not malleable?

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Hydrogen bonding is involved in

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Actually, the vapour pressure on the surface of a liquid in the flask is equal to

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Forces of attraction which may be present between all kinds of atoms and molecules are

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The density of water may be

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The quantity of heat required to convert one mole of liquid into its vapours at its boiling point is called molar heat of

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Steam causes more severe burn than the boiling water because it possesses.

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Water has a maximum density at

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The conversion of vapours back into their liquid state is called

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Formation of vapours from the surface of a liquid is called

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When water freezes at 0°C its density decreases due to

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Solids And Liquids Quiz

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