We’ve all stumbled. Scraped knees, bruised hearts, maybe even a broken bone or two. They hurt, they sting, they throb, they make us wince and frown in pain. But they heal, right? The scabs fall off, the tears dry, and we move on.But some wounds, they dig deeper. They burrow past the skin, twist into our insides, and leave scars that whisper, not wounds that roar. These are the scars of Trauma.

Trauma, it’s like a thief. It snatches away our sense of safety, steals our trust, and leaves us feeling scared, alone, maybe even broken. It can come from anywhere: a car accident, a bully’s taunts, the violence of war or what not. But doesn’t care who you are or where you come from.

And the worst part?

Trauma, it likes to hide. It whispers in the shadows, making us doubt ourselves, our memories, even our sanity. It tells us we’re weak, that it’s our fault, that we deserve the pain.

But listen close, friends. You are not weak. not broken. but you are a survivor.

Healing, it’s a journey, not a destination

It’s one step at a time, sometimes two steps back. There will be good days and bad days, tears and laughter, darkness and light. But with each step, each tear, each flicker of hope, we reclaim our strength.

We can’t erase the scars. But we can learn to live with them, to let them tell their stories without defining us. We can find beauty in the broken pieces, strength in the vulnerability, and hope in the healing.

So if you’re carrying the weight of trauma, remember this: you are not alone. There are hands reaching out, hearts that understand, and voices that whisper courage. Take a breath, reach for those hands, and walk this path together.

Because even the faintest whisper can become a mighty roar when we heal together.

So remember, you are a survivor. And survivors, they rise.

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